3PL Central Integration

3PL Central is the warehouse management system (WMS) that many providers around the world trust to streamline their warehouse operations. This integration gives you accurate stock visibility, allows you to send sales order pick requests and receive pick notifications automatically, and more when you hold stock in an outsourced warehouse that uses 3PL Central.

Full inventory visibility, efficient order workflows

Keep on top of your products and streamline your order workflows when you outsource to warehouses that use 3PL Central for their WMS. Out integration with 3PL Central gives you:

  • Visibility of your inventory in your 3PL warehouse, with accurate stock availability you can share with your customers. 
  • Continuous, precise stock counts your 3PL dispatches sales orders and receives purchase orders at their warehouse. 
  • The ability to send and receive important notifications right from Cin7 so you know when purchases are received and sales are picked. 
  • Automation that gets ecommerce orders directly to the warehouse for speedier fulfillment.

How Cin7 works with 3PL Central

Keep your stock levels optimized, and make order fulfillment more efficient. Cin7 sends and receives all the data necessary to keep orders moving in your outsourced warehouse: 

  • Sales Orders – Automatically send pick requests directly to your 3PL when sales orders are created in Cin7.
  • Pick Confirmation – Receive a summary of the items picked for each sales order.
  • Purchase Orders – Send purchase orders to your 3PL. They'll know when to expect a shipment.
  • Inbound Notifications – Receive a summary of items actually receipted at the warehouse for every purchase order created in Cin7.
  • Auto Back-Ordering – Cin7 creates a backorder when the total items picked are less than the total quantity for a sales order.