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How Cin7 integrates with PieSync

How Cin7 integrates with PieSync
Two-Way Communication

Get true real-time synchronization between your Cin7 contacts database and other software. Sync all information or use filters for subsets of contacts. Use update actions to keep track of which group, subgroup or stage in Cin7 you’re using to update other applications, and sync back from other applications.

No more duplicates

PieSync takes updates far beyond the trigger-action principle other software uses. PieSync processes not just new but existing contacts, cross-referencing data, like email addresses, to ensure contacts match and duplicates don’t appear, cluttering up your database.


PieSync adds new software connections every week. Use PieSync to connect multiple software with a single Cin7 environment to get all your contacts in sync across your entire stack.

How Cin7 integrates with PieSync

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