WAOConnect is a reporting and analytics solution that centralizes and displays important data from the software you use to run your business. Use WAOConnect to track key performance indicators, monitor growth, solve problems and make better decisions.

The Benefits of Integrating Cin7 with WAOConnect

Don’t lose sight of the big picture when you use different software to handle various parts of your business. Connect the dots with WAOConnect to centralize important metrics and data and to make more thoughtful better-informed business decisions. With WAOConnect, you can:

  • Access real-time information from the cloud, any time, anywhere: on your mobile, desktop, device, at work, at home or on the road.
  • Integrate with Cin7, QuickBooks or Xero, CRMs, social media platforms, and so many more solutions. Imagine having all that data in one place.
  • Get automatic updates through safe and secure connections to all your systems and data sources.
  • Instantly spot trends and see how your business is performing. Make month-to-month or same-period-previous-year comparisons.

WAOConnect also offers a custom API integration service for connecting Cin7 with other solutions. This is a monthly subscription service (with an initial setup fee) that is implemented only on a project by project basis.