Inventory Planner

Inventory Planner is a forecasting and demand planning tool that helps optimize your stock and your cash flow. Clear out overstocked items and order the right amount of hot products at the right time with replenishment recommendations based on recent and seasonal trends. Easily create purchase orders based on those recommendations, and transfer assembled bundles quickly and easily. Manage ordering and restocking for multiple warehouses, and see the metrics that matter to you with customizable reports.

Inventory Planner features:

  • Demand-driven forecasting based on vendor lead times and days of stock
  • Easy management of purchase orders, including bundling and kitting components
  • Clear overstock identification—avoid losing money storing aging inventory!

The benefits of integrating Inventory Planner with Cin7

Gain deeper insights into supplier and product trends, overstock issues, replenishment requirements and more with Cin7’s Inventory Planner integration. Inventory Planner pulls product information, sales history and purchase orders from Cin7 and stays up to date with automatic daily syncs. Inventory Planner also has an option to push POs back to Cin7.


And when a PO or warehouse transfer is saved in Inventory Planner, it syncs to Cin7. Anything else that happens to the PO or transfer in Cin7—receiving, editing, cancelling—also syncs back to Inventory Planner.