Is This Your Year to Grow with Amazon?

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Amazon sellers had a great year in the US and abroad in 2017. Will 2018 be good for Amazon in Australia? There’s no reason to think it won’t, given the company’s global track record. While Amazon Australia continues to improve its supply chain, its launch last December broke company records. Will this be the year you grow with Amazon as part of your omnichannel strategy?

Amazon Australia: It’s Only Just Begun

While Amazon Australia launched in December, thousands of businesses already sell on the marketplace. And you can understand why. In the US, for example, Amazon grew in 2017 to account for 4% of all retail sales. Moreover, it accounted for 44% of eCommerce sales. Its pricing and delivery make it an attractive shopping destination. As a result, Amazon routinely proves to be a successful channel for improving sales and reaching more customers. When it fully develops, the opportunity for businesses to grow with Amazon may be immense.

The Amazon Australia Opportunity

In light of the tens of thousands of opening day visits in Australia, Amazon considers Australia its most successful marketplace launch yet. As Amazon Australia perfects its supply chain, it will undoubtedly win over more Australians. Eventually, Amazon will launch Prime in Australia, too, bringing in yet more customers. The opportunity for Australian business to grow with Amazon is multifold. First, Amazon can connect you to 240 million (and growing) customers in Australia and other markets. Moreover, Amazon gives companies of all sizes a “level playing field” to compete. Lastly, Amazon conversion rates come at a lower cost-per click than other online channels.

Cin7 Can Show You How to Grow with Amazon Australia

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