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Google Wants Shoppers to “See What’s in Store”

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Google debuted a feature last week that lets consumers search inventory in local stores.  See What’s in Store is not just a convenient tool. It’s not even just part of Google’s continuing battle with Amazon. More to the point, it’s a reflection of how people shop today (and how retailers can connect with them).

What’s in Store and the Shoppers’ Journey

Over the past few years, consumers have increasingly used Google to search for shopping. It’s the first stop for many shoppers’ online product searches, and consumers use it to find out where they can find products near their location. According to Google, between 2015 and 2017, “where to buy” searches went up 85%; “near me” searches increased three-fold.

Validating a Shopping Platform

At 1.8 billion estimated impressions a month, Google dwarfs Bing and Yahoo (both hovering around a half million). With all kinds of businesses bidding adwords to win more of those impressions, it makes sense for Google to make it a more appealing shopping platform. The See What’s in Store feature lets shoppers know (in Google or Google Maps) what local retailers are carrying. The idea is that if you can find what you want near you, why buy on Amazon and wait a day or two?

The Search

Google’s ongoing development as a shopping platform rides on its search capability. Clearly, the search giant has made live product data a key factor in their efforts. That’s why Cin7 has developed its Google Shopping integration. If you’re a retailer in search of a sales, order and stock management platform, and you want to improve your Google search results to increase sales, click below to get in touch with us today.

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