What Shoppers Want from Fashion Retailers

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Retailers already know how important it is to market and sell through multiple channels. Brick-and-mortar is still king, but online sales grow faster than in-store sales. Fashion retailers, particularly large brick-and-mortar chains, have really felt the shift.

Fashion Retailers and the Physical Factor

Some of those big fashion retailers have adopted the omnichannel to keep in line with changing consumer habits. That seamlessness between channels is really important. But what’s more important to customers when shopping for clothes is probably the most obvious. Customers want to try things on. And according to research, that affects how they shop online and underscores why brick-and-mortar still reigns.

Online, They Try Before They Buy

Fashion shoppers often buy online with the intention of returning a product if the size and style doesn’t suit them. It makes sense, and subscription box services like Stitch Fix and now Amazon Wardrobe arose with that online shopping habit in mind. Fashion retailers with online channels have to take that into account. After all, 74% of apparel shoppers in one survey expect online retailers to offer a “try before you buy” option. That means providing a clear returns policy and for multichannel retailers, the option to return items in store.

They Still Love Brick-and-Mortar

The overwhelming majority of surveyed shoppers (80%) buy their clothes in stores. From a marketing standpoint, online channels let retailers collect more information about their customers. And when customers do buy online, they tend to buy more at once, often to meet minimum purchase requirements for free shipping. Still, stores are where the action is still. It’s where customers can try the clothes and where they prefer to buy, and for some, a visit to the store plays a direct part in an online purchase.

Cin7 and Fashion Retail

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