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The Race to Driverless Trucking Picks up Speed

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Robots don’t just battle it out in arenas on tv. They’re racing to deliver freight. And recently, the big-name driverless trucking concerns put the pedal to the metal. It’s Google-aligned Waymo versus Uber’s Otto in a race to automate the trucking industry.

Driverless Trucks Test Their Mettle

Setting aside that flip tone, driverless trucks represent a serious shift in logistics. Ultimately, mature autonomous driving technology will lower costs and not just for the long-haul. For example, driverless vans made last-mile deliveries in London for two weeks last year. Altogether, full automation stands to save the trucking industry hundreds of billions of dollars. That, in turn, will lower costs for shippers and consumers. Two major test programs seem to be getting us closer to that reality.

Driverless Trucking Hits the Road

Both Waymo and Uber announced expanded driverless trucking tests in the same week. First, Uber announced its autonomous trucks started delivering commercial freight in Arizona. Then Waymo announced its own tests making deliveries for Google locations in Atlanta. Waymo’s specifica object in this case is to integrate driverless trucking with third-party supply chains. To be clear, both companies have been testing their technologies for a while. (Also, a big reason these announcements made headlines is the contentious history shared by the competitors). Still, it’s amazing to see driverless trucking develop before our eyes.

The Driverless Supply Chain

The impact of autonomous trucking on the supply chain is significant. Automation will increase efficiency on the road and lower fleet costs. It will very likely get products to market faster. It’s no different for supply chain management software. That’s why Cin7 automates the processes businesses use to process and fulfill orders. With Cin7, businesses significantly reduce supply chain administration and get their products to market faster. It’s part of our drive to make the driverless supply chain a reality.

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