Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software

All the inventory management functionality fast-growing businesses need, out of the box.


Control inventory and carry exactly what your customers want

What Cin7 can do for you when it's time for better inventory management

Can Cin7 handle all channels and locations without the custom development that ERPs require?

Indeed. Cin7 built its 450+ integrations to cover most customers' requirements out of the box. Easily sync data with eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, accounting solutions, 3PL warehouses, marketing and shipping solutions, and even with retail trading partners. Expansive integration and built-in POS and warehouse features let you manage all your sales channels and stock locations in a single platform without expensive, time-consuming customization.

Cin7 is always accurate, never average. It provides precise cost of goods sold (COGS) that takes into account freight, duty, landed costs and more to ultimately give you true gross profits. Cin7 recalculates COGS for a sales order if landed cost change and posts it to the same period as the sales order.

As your business grows, the complexity of processes grows with it. Cin7 has a lot of complex workflow functionality already built-in to address your growing needs, saving you time and money that would otherwise be spent to develop solutions from scratch. 

You sell many varieties of products to many kinds of customers. Your current system doesn't let you allocate inventory intended for each of your B2B and B2C channels. With Cin7, you can allocate stock according to the kind of customer you’re selling to, transfer stock to where it sells best and plan purchases based on historical trends. Easily monitor, control and automate the movement of your inventory from end to end. 

“It’s just having the information at your fingertips which can be immediately understood and without the need for a bunch of spreadsheets. It simplifies your business, makes it a lot easier to run, and a lot more transparent.”
Gordon Grant, CFO, I Love Ugly