Your processes get more complex when your business grows. Cin7 minimizes your manual inventory and order tasks to manage increasing sales, more locations and complex workflows.


Inventory and order automation frees you to FOCUS ON THE BIGGER PICTURE

How Cin7 automation can make your business hum

Can Cin7 reduce the manual processes that waste your time?

Your current software is just too basic to automate processes, especially as your business gets more complex. Cin7 puts all your channels and locations in one platform, allowing us to automate the most time-consuming tasks across all aspects of your business.

It takes your staff a lot of time to manage the complex, repetitive tasks required to replenish your retail locations. Cin7 automates replenishment to free your key people to work on other parts of your business. Cin7 developed its replenishment automation features based on our experience with retail customers and input from industry experts.

The more you sell, the more complex your business gets. That's especially true when you want to provide an omnichannel customer experience. Cin7 builds on its integrated channels and locations to automate processes. This allows you to fulfill orders according to customer preference, with support for click and collect and other omnichannel workflows.