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Cin7 reviews on external platforms

Cin7 reviews on external platforms

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“Really changing how we do business. One of the few systems that offered the flexibility to manage our business without to pay for an expensive custom system. The biggest things for us were the B2B portal, ability to do production costing, POS, forecasting, efficient management of Sales Orders and accessing the whole system online.”

Shaun OReilly
24 May 2018
“Very happy. We went from a very old, clunky system. This is very easy to use, very intuitive that we barely used the training. Even in the first few months when we made some mistakes, they were easy to fix up.
Has definitely increased our productivity and I don’t think we are really using it to it’s full capacity yet.”

Kara John
24 May 2018
“Cin7 is a very powerful inventory management system, it never fails to provide timely and accurate inventory information for our company. The modules are user friendly and the reports are really good tools for data analytics.
In addition, the customer service team is very supportive ,whenever I have any doubt about the system I would always submitted the tickets and got useful feedback very soon.
Good product I highly recommend it.”

Shan Lu
23 Jan 2018
“Very powerful integrations, vital for a business like ours that nobody else could do. Even with a bit of customization and support staff happy to investigate special requests. Great experience.”

Keiren Glander
23 May 2018