Case Study: Step Up Industries

Wholesale Inventory Management for Action Sports/Outdoors

Living the Dream

Everyone dreams of making money doing what they love. Luke Faithfull and Stu Young turned their life-long thirst for action sports into a thriving wholesale business. Cin7 lets them balance work and play, which in their line of work amounts to the same thing.

Step Up Industries

Action Sports/Outdoors wholesale

  • Business Benefits
  • Streamline ordering processes
  • Drive business growth
  • Keep retailers up-to-date and happy
  • No more 14-hour Days!
“From about 5, I started skating, once we got old enough to get to the mountains, snowboarding, surfing, any board sport really. I think everyone’s got hobbies and interests they wish they could turn into a job.”Luke Faithfull, Co-Founder, Step Up Industries