Case Study – Belgotex Floors

Belgotex Floors paves way for better business with speedy reporting

South African soft flooring manufacturer Belgotex Floors has seven companies over four continents. It offers carpeting, vinyl, artificial grass, underlays and rubber flooring solutions, selling wholesale only.

The company formerly used MYOB software, a “rather costly” solution, which was difficult to report with as it had no Batch-tracking feature, general manager Paul Sommerville says.

“We buy product that comes in the same colour but we have batch variations every time we order it so we can’t sell mixed batches,” Paul explains.

Staff have to assign Batch numbers to each lot of stock that arrives to ensure product consistency when sold. That meant creating a new product in MYOB every time a new batch came in.

“Eventually we ended up with hundreds and hundreds of items.”

Belgotex general manager Paul Sommerville has more time since using Cin7

Reporting tedious with Excel

Belgotex had a big dilemma: staff couldn’t run a sales report for a certain product; MYOB would only give a report for one individual batch.

They had to report with Excel instead, which “was just pretty tedious work, manipulating the data from MYOB into Excel.”

Staff took four hours every month to do the sales report using Excel.

Though they caught data entry errors with Excel before they impacted on the business, the inability for multiple staff to use the system at once was a nuisance: “We just learnt to live with that … But certainly it was an issue.”

“[It was] really time consuming … We were trying to grow exponentially and it just wasn’t handling it all.

Migration to Cin7 easy

Paul needed a solution, and after his accountant who works with Xero led him to Cin7.

“The main reason for switching was the Batch-tracking.”

He chose to create his own new stock codes when migrating from MYOB to Cin7. The process took about a week. “I have an IT background so for me it was pretty easy.”

With Cin7, he soon realised staff were saving hours of work.

Cin7 Reporting quicker

“We are just pushing buttons now, I just couldn’t believe how much time were were wasting [with Excel].

“We are still getting used to the fact that we can now get our data out of the system so quickly and in so many different forms.

“Within seconds, out of Cin7, you can have your report.”

Belgotex Floors

Industry: Manufacturer, Wholesale

  • Business Benefits
  • Saving time
  • More rigorous reporting
  • Less manual entry
  • Easier stock tracking
We are still getting used to the fact that we can now get our data out of the system so quickly and in so many different formsPaul Sommerville