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Do Your Customers Want Supply Chain Visibility?

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Are your customers demanding supply chain visibility from your business? Can you give it to them? When it comes to making fulfillment transparent, research suggests visibility is in demand.

Supply Chain Visibility isn’t Just for You

According to research, nearly 80% of consumers want supply chain visibility when they make a purchase. Specifically, they’d like status updates, such as when to expect a product to reach them. And if they can’t get that information, they’ll shop elsewhere. In other words, visibility isn’t just a necessity for running your business. It’s becoming a must-have for winning customers over.

Visibility for the Omnichannel

The obstacle businesses encounter to provide visibility start with their internal processes. The fact is, many retailers and manufacturers don’t have real-time visibility internally. Simply put, their data is buried. For example, even large organizations will process orders using one tool, and match inventory with using another tool, often a printed spreadsheet in the warehouse. Many companies realize that digitization must be a priority.

Cin7 gives omnichannel businesses real-time visibility of their supply chain. Cin7 gives omnichannel companies a single platform to optimize inventory, manage stock and provide customers the information they demand about their orders.

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