What our leaders and teams are working on

"Our whole team is working to transform our customer experience so we always show up for you when you need us. We're investing in our people to make sure they have customer experience at the core."

- David Leach, Chief Executive Officer

"We're working to reduce the time it takes to get EDI and 3PL integrations live down to one week. We're making fundamental changes to the way we work, and it's making us more predictable and efficient."

Bergita Rudman, VP Engineering

"As COO, my team and I are focused on the flow of the customer journey, to give customers a seamless, satisfying relationship with Cin7. Customer happiness is our obsession."

- David Kennedy, Global COO

"Nothing beats growing a values-based organisation, with people that understand, care about our customers - helping them use Cin7 to its greatest potential and in turn propel their businesses forward."

Bronny Jacobsen, Head of People and Culture