"I'm working to help customers have much better visibility of their expenses. What’s the cost of a sale, or to buy or consolidate stock? Look out for our upcoming channel profitability reports."

- Srikanth Shankar, Product Manager

"I’m really passionate about people and helping business prosper in troubled times. Businesses are working through difficulties right now, and I’m keen to help new customers solve their problems."

Mark Rafferty, VP Sales - APAC and EMEA

"I’m excited to be working on expanding Cin7 to serve our US based customers. We’re helping provide the ability to create efficiency and open up more sales channels to build a more resilient business"

- Frank Nardi, VP Sales - US

"I work to align our business units to deliver our strategic initiatives. I know that adopting agile methodologies is radically improving customer experiences and our transparency and responsiveness."

May Lamont, Global Program Manager