"We help customers by being their shock absorber. The depth and breadth of Cin7 enables customers to quickly open sales channels, make existing ones more efficient - in these times, that’s a lifesaver."

- Rob Blake, VP Product

"I'm excited to help customers get more out of our software. The Warehouse Management piece I’m leading will provide easy-to-use, fast warehouse processes. Customers will get orders out much easier."

Jeff Fenwick, Product Manager

"Our new B2B Ecommerce helps our wholesaler customers get online, sell their products with less manual intervention, and avoid all those human errors. It gives them time back to grow their business."

- Sonal D'Souza, Product Manager

"I’m working on providing instant support for our customers. An in-app chat support tool will help Cin7 customers get 24/7 support. Our customers will have the best support options of any IMS."

Nikhil Gaikwad, Global VP Customer Success