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How Cin7 Covers All Your Wholesale Channels

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The technology trends that fostered today’s consumer retail environment have definitely influenced the b2b world. As purchasers expect an experience similar to the consumer omnichannel, savvy wholesalers adopt the back office tech to meet their expectations. So, as with the modern retailer, today’s b2b businesses look to integrate all their wholesale channels.

Your Big Retail, eCommerce and Marketplace Wholesale Channels in One Place

Cin7 brings all your wholesale channels in a single interface. It gives you the same inventory management control and automated processes that retail users enjoy while making it cost-effective and relatively simple to add new channels as you grow.

Use Direct EDI to Trade with Big Retailers

One of Cin7’s biggest values to wholesalers is baked-in Direct EDI integrations with major retailers around the world. Retailers require wholesalers to use EDI to begin trading. However, tradition EDI providers can charge many thousands of dollars to set up a single EDI channel that doesn’t integrate with any other business software. Cin7 gives wholesalers trading faster, less expensive and far more integrated EDI connections than tradition providers offer.

Built-in B2B eCommerce

Cin7’s built-in b2b eCommerce website lets your wholesale customers login directly, place orders and see inventory levels. Thus, your customers get the products they want faster. And you and your staff get more time to accomplish other tasks. Finally, your wholesale orders and your overall inventory will be accurate and always up-to-date.

B2B Marketplace Integration

B2B online marketplaces have become important wholesale channels particularly for fashion and apparel suppliers. These channels act as a cross between a traditional distributor and a trade show and make it easy for suppliers and retailers across the globe to do business with one another. Thus, Cin7 integrates with several such wholesale channels.

End-to-End Supply Chain Management

Cin7 unifies the processes you need to fulfill orders across all your wholesale channels. With Cin7’s B2B ordering, orders pass directly to your warehouse via our Pick’n’Pack module or to your 3PL. Meanwhile, Cin7 automatically adjusts stock levels in realtime, from production and kitting down to final delivery. Thus, Cin7 improves order accuracy, reduces overall costs and eliminates redundant manual processes. The bottom line is your products get to your customers faster and more efficiently, and your wholesale customers get happy.

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