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The Cin7 Xero Integration and Your Bottom Line

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Product-driven companies don’t just need inventory management to truly understand their business. In fact, without reporting inventory to accounting, a business gets only part of the picture. The Cin7 Xero integration brings together these two critical tools for efficient, streamlined business management.

The Cin7 Xero Integration and Business Success

Is it possible to make millions of dollars a year and still not know if you’re profitable? Surprisingly, this is a more common phenomenon than you might think. Oftentimes a product-driven business won’t make the connection between their revenue and their profits. With Cin7 Xero integration, businesses first understand their costs, then see how that translates to their bottom line.

Xero: Accounting Born in the Cloud

New Zealand-born Xero launched in 2006 to let businesses (and their accountants) know their financial health anytime, anywhere. Today, Xero has more than 1 million global subscribers and a staff of 1800 in 20 offices around the world. Thus, Xero is one the fastest growing cloud-based solutions around. Businesses use Xero to monitor and manage expenses, run payroll, pay their bills and more. With the Cin7 Xero Integration, product-driven companies can fuse the solutions they need to efficiently manage a profitable business.

What the Cin7 Xero Integration Does

Cin7 lets you automate sales and purchase order processing, and gives you the realtime visibility to control inventory levels to keep costs down across all your channels. The Cin7 Xero integration seamlessly updates your accounting solution with your critical transaction and inventory data. With Cin7 and Xero you can:

  • Automatically report your cost of goods sold and inventory adjustments to Xero journals for continuous, realtime accounting.
  • Update Xero with Cin7 purchase orders, invoices, and credit notes at the click of a button and report purchase orders as bills in Xero.
  • Easily report to Xero the deposits made on sales orders and purchase orders generated in Cin7.
  • Set up alternate General Ledger accounts to refine how you report sales orders to Xero.

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