How Cin7 Works in the Warehouse and Improves Your Business

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More than a few Cin7 customers manage their own warehouse. Often, these are fashion brands that sell to independent retailers in multiple markets. However, we also have food, beverage, and electronics companies that do the same. These companies find it economical to run their entire business from a space that can double as HQ (often with a retail outlet attached) and Cin7 is critical to managing it all.

Growing Companies Put Cin7 in Their Warehouse

Choosing Cin7 to sort out the warehouse often comes down to a question of lost sales and disappointed customers. For example, a company might manage eCommerce and marketplace orders and inventory in different software and spreadsheets that don’t automatically communicate with one another. As a result, the company might end up selling the same product twice, leaving one customer without unfulfilled. But with Cin7, they can integrate their channels with their warehouses so they’ll never oversell again. And that’s just the beginning of what Cin7 does for warehouse management.

Stock Take Efficiencies

With Cin7, you can take stock using a whole team of counters armed with off-the-shelf mobile devices dratically reducing the time it takes to do a stock take. You can also do rolling partial stock takes through the year to maintain accuracy.

Fast Picking and Packing

Cin7 routes eCommerce, showroom and branch orders to your warehouse for faster picking and packing. You can set rules to automate order downloads for picking for more streamlined fulfillment.

Realtime Visibility (Of Course)

With warehouse inventory and channel integration, you and your staff will always know what’s available for sale and what’s already spoken for.

Bins and Zones

Cin7 gives you the option to track stock location by static or dynamic bins and zones locations. That means you can organize your zone and bin locations to match the layout of your warehouse.

Devices, Shipping and More

Cin7 is fleixble for managing warehouses. It works with off-the-shelf devices and lets you pick and pack even if your internet goes out. Furthermore, Cin7 is compatible with a range of printers, giving you options for producing barcodes. With other capabilities, like shipping solution integration, batch and serial tracking and virtual stock and kitting, Cin7 does way more than just manage stock.

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