Cin7 Inventory Management: the best alternative to Unleashed Software

Brands use Cin7 to integrate every channel and location where they sell and hold their products in a single inventory management platform. It automates order processes, provides flexible product configuration and gives deeper forecasting insight than competing technology like Unleashed.

Inventory management configured to your business

Cin7 is the inventory management platform built to work the way you do. With 200+ integrations, automation and features like virtual stock, size/color product variation, alternate units of measure and more, Cin7 is the most configurable, feature rich inventory solution around.

Switch to Cin7 Inventory Management from Unleashed Software

The benefits of Cin7 inventory management system

  • NetSuite Inventory Software

    200+ Integrations

    Quickly add Shopify, Amazon, Google Shopping and every other retailer, 3PL and service you use to grow business.

  • NetSuite Inventory Software

    Workflow Automation

    Reduce administration tasks and automate up to 80% of replenishment, order and fulfilment processes.

  • NetSuite Inventory Software


    Get deep historic insight of sales, costs and more and prepare for the future with an extensive reports library.

  • NetSuite Inventory Software

    Built-in POS

    Get complete stock on hand visibility from the shelf to the warehouse, and manage promotions, fulfillment and more.

  • NetSuite Inventory Software

    Product Variation

    Track your products in all their variety when you buy and sell in different units of measure, and sell in different sizes, colors and more.

  • NetSuite Inventory Software


    Use the Virtual Stock feature to track stock requirements for assembled products or product bundles.

What our customers say about switching from Unleashed to Cin7

Read reviews to learn why several Unleashed software customers have switched to Cin7, the world’s most integrated cloud inventory management software.

  • “I have been struggling over the last couple of years with the likes of Unleashed…with the lack of customization and major shortfalls in functionality typical to all out-of-the-box systems out there. Then I discovered Cin7 and now feel that our business has a good, easy to use system, that is properly set up for our needs. ”

    Janne Nilsson
    Bamboo Land

  • “The inbuilt B2B web sales portal and customer order management is an excellent feature which has allowed one client of mine to replace a combined BigCommerce/Unleashed, which provided nowhere near the functionality, with Cin7 as a stand-alone system.”

    Ange Hopkins
    software consultant