Cin7 Inventory Management Software: the Best Alternative to Netsuite

Don’t fall down the ERP rabbit hole. Get the visibility, integration and automation you need from your order and inventory management platform without the high cost, long contract and uncertainty of an ERP.

The agile alternative to ERPs

Cin7 natively integrates all the warehouses, stores and online channels where you hold and sell products. Because we scope every deployment, our project success rate is almost 100%. Eliminate time-consuming, costly ERP integration projects and reduce your risk of deployment failure.

The benefits of Cin7

Why risk your business with order and inventory management technology that’s “too big to fail”? Go with Cin7 for a reliable, scalable alternative to ERPs like Netsuite.

  • NetSuite Inventory Software

    Project Scoping

    Comprehensive workflow scoping allows us to achieve a 95% deployment rate.

  • NetSuite Inventory Control

    Fast Implementation

    Cin7 is cloud-based, with no extensive integration work required, letting you get up and running quickly.

  • NetSuite Software

    Scalable Integration

    With 450+ integrations, easily add new websites, 3PLs, EDI retailers and more as you expand your business.

  • NetSuite Competitors

    Workflow Automation

    Cin7 builds on its integrations to automate up to 80% of order fulfillment and other processes, reducing overall admin requirements.

  • NetSuite Inventory Management

    Comprehensive Features

    Gain real-time visibility and in-depth reporting of stock, sales, actual costs and more across your entire business.

  • NetSuite Alternatives

    One-Stop Customer Care

    From scoping to deployment to training and 24/7 support, our in-house staff works with you to achieve success.

What our customers say about switching to Cin7

Thunder Cloud Recommend Cin7 For Xero Inventory Add-ons

“We realized pretty quickly that a combination of Cin7 and Xero would accomplish a good 85% of what a $200,000 (ERP) system could do for us, but in a much more flexible and easier-to-use platform.”

Matthew Kessenich
The Spice & Tea Exchange

Thunder Cloud Recommend Cin7 For Xero Inventory Add-ons

“Netsuite could do all these things, but the problem was it was just difficult and expensive, and cost is a major factor for us. So my accountant and I searched the marketplace and found Cin7 ticked all our boxes.”

Michael Cole
TPM Packaging