Cin7 Inventory Management: the best alternative to Brightpearl Software

Put your stock in order across all your channels and locations. With automated processes, comprehensive integration and built-in POS and B2B eCommerce and more, Cin7 provides a more feature-rich and scalable solution than competitors like Brightpearl.

Inventory management configured to your business

Cin7 is the inventory management platform built to work the way you do. It gives wholesale and retail brands a single platform with the flexibility to manage stock and orders across multiple channels, locations and geographies.

Switch to Cin7 Inventory Management from Brightpearl Software

The benefits of Cin7 inventory management system

  • 200+ Integrations

    Quickly extend stock and order control to global 3PLs, retail trading partners and other services you use.

  • Workflow Automation

    Reduce administration tasks and automate up to 80% of order, fulfilment and replenishment processes.

  • Reports/Forecasting

    Get deep insight of sales, costs and more and prepare for the future with a library of customizable reports.

  • Built-in POS

    Manage stock, orders, promotions and more in your retail branches without the need for third-party software.

  • B2B eCommerce

    Streamline orders and fulfillment and give your buyers convenient payment options with our built-in B2B website

  • Product Variation

    Track your products in all their variety when you buy and sell in different units of measure, and sell in different sizes, colors and more.

What our customers say about switching to Cin7

Read reviews to learn why several Brightpearl software customers have switched to Cin7, the world’s most integrated cloud inventory management software.

  • PlayTech Logo

    “The key thing is that we are now very clear about where our inventory items sit. It’s much easier to utilize than any other inventory system that we’ve seen. And because it’s in the cloud, we’re no longer tied to an umbilical cord to a software server. We can do our business on the road and still have full visibility no matter where we are.”

    Paul Kao
    General Manager, Playtech

  • “It’s just having the information at your fingertips which can be immediately understood and without the need for a bunch of spreadsheets. It simplifies your business, makes it a lot easier to run, and a lot more transparent.”

    Gordon Grant
    CFO, I Love Ugly