Cin7 Updates its Google Drive Integration

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Cin7 in early November updated its Google Drive integration. The improved integration makes it easier for you to attach documents to sales orders.

Doing Business From the Cloud with Google Drive

Everybody knows Google. It’s such a cultural institution, its name long ago graduated to a synonym for “web search”. Its free, cloud-based platforms attract a lot of users. In fact, more than 1 billion people have Gmail accounts. Moreover, its file sharing and storage platform, Google Drive, is so easy to deploy and use for collaboration, more than 1 million companies pay for it, making it critical to running many businesses.

How and Why Cin7 Integrates with Google Drive

Many startups and cost-conscious businesses use the most expedient software available to run their companies. They prefer to focus on creating and selling a product than to running an IT department. Consequently, they turn to Google Drive for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and file sharing.

Cin7’s updated Google Drive integration recognizes its central role. Business, for example, will use Google Sheets to generate reports and Google Docs to create forms, marketing material, and product specifications.

Cin7’s Google integration lets you easily attach files to your Cin7-generated Purchase Orders and Sales Orders. Cin7 links directly to your Google Drive for quick and easy file attachment. Additionally, you can access your folders from Cin7’s Products Module for quick reference. Finally, you can access your Google Drive folders from Cin7’s Admin and Reports menu. Thus, when you must include important information, Cin7 and Google work together seamlessly. Current customers using Google can easily upgrade their integration.

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