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Cin7 Hits Top 5 in Warehouse Management

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Cin7 made the top five in the 2017 Reviewers’ Choice for Warehouse Management Software. Above all, reviewers rated Cin7 highly for performance, ease of use and customer support.

Cin7 Puts Inventory Control Into Your Warehouse

Cin7 built its solution to give users the ability to manage inventory wherever it is. Thus, warehouse management functionality always has been a key component to Cin7’s comprehensive inventory management solution. With its Pick’n’Pack module, barcode printing and inventory management system, Cin7 gives businesses much of what they look for in a warehouse management system.

How Cin7 Made the Top Five

Gartner derives the Reviewers’ Choice content from an evaluation of end-user product reviews on its three software evaluation websites. Accordingly, the top five include solutions with the highest user-rated reviews among more than 90 rated solutions. Indeed, Cin7 earned 4.5 out 5 stars for each criterion: overall performance, ease of use and support.

Cin7 Puts You in the Warehouse

Any business that relies on a warehouse to fulfill customer orders needs a solution that seamlessly integrates with their overall supply chain management. Cin7 built its warehouse functionality exactly with this in mind. Thus, Cin7 extends powerful inventory management capability to yet one more critical aspect of your supply chain.

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