Cin7 Rolls Out Payment Portal For Wholesalers

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The B2B world can be slow to change. Wholesalers, however, started to realize the benefits of digitizing their business in recent years. But even as they sell to more people in more markets through eCommerce websites and B2B marketplaces, they must grapple with the serious issue of managing online payments. The bottom line is any delay in payment can seriously disrupt a wholesaler’s cash flow. To relieve that cash flow anxiety, Cin7 introduces its new Payment Portal.

Payment Portal: Get Paid in an Instant

Cin7’s new Payment Portal lets your B2B customers settle their bills quickly and easily, no matter where they do business. With no start-up fee and easy implementation, the Portal is a feature that eases your anxiety about cash flow and scales your billing management to your growth.

Instant Transfers for better Cash Flow

Delayed payments contribute to cash flow management problems, one of a B2B’s biggest pain points. The Payment Portal automatically inserts a Pay Now button with every invoice/order confirmation you email your customers. With the click of a button, your customers can quickly pay you and the funds transfer to your account in no time. Furthermore, the Portal automatically records the payment in the sales order in Cin7. In short, the Portal gives you faster payments to eliminate cash flow anxiety.

Complete Payment Visibility

The Payment Portal gives you instant visibility of all your sent invoices in a single view. Moreover, it tells you if your customers made full or partial payments on their invoices, and what invoices remain outstanding. Also, Cin7 tracks which invoices you’ve emailed and which ones you haven’t.

A Payment Solution for Everyone

The Payment Portal eliminates the necessity to manage payments from multiple solutions. Using Stripe, the Portal lets you accept payments from customers regardless of what payment solution or credit card they use. Furthermore, the Portal accepts payments in over 130 currencies.

Get Started Today

Cin7’s soft rollout of the Payment Portal begins today. It’s easy to set up and will go a long way to easing your cash flow anxiety. If you’re a Cin7 customer and you wholesale, contact support about using the Payment Portal.

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