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Cin7 is Now a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner

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Microsoft has officially recognized Cin7 as a Gold Cloud Platform Partner. Not only does this status set us apart from other cloud solutions. It also represents our goal to continue developing the most reliable, secure cloud-based solution possible.

Microsoft Gold Status and Microsoft Azure

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, Cin7 has proven its ability to deliver a SaaS solution using Microsoft Azure. To qualify as a Gold Partner, Cin7 had to demonstrate a few things. First, members of our development team had to undergo qualification testing. Next, we needed customers to say great things of us. And we’re proud to say we met these qualifications.

Microsoft Gold Means Commitment

First and foremost, the Microsoft Gold Status demonstrates our commitment to delivering a world-class cloud product. Yes, it shows we’ve achieve the highest status level of Microsoft partner. But more than that, it shows that Cin7 adheres to industry best-practices as we continue to develop our solution. Ultimately, it’s a commitment to our customers.

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