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Cin7 Integrates with StockTrim for Inventory Forecasting

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It isn’t easy predicting how much your customers will buy from you in the future. Tastes change, consumer confidence fluctuates. But with the best data and inventory forecasting tools, you can plan ahead to carry the right stock to meet anticipated demand. That’s why Cin7 now integrates with StockTrim.

StockTrim, Cin7 and Planning Ahead

Forecasting is a tough nut to crack, but merchants use forecasting successfully all the time. The retail chain, Kohl’s, for example, put in place data tools that significantly decreased their inventory. When you carry just the right inventory to meet demand, you lower your stock carrying costs, and more. With this new integration, Cin7 can take the guesswork out of inventory management and demand planning.

Cin7 lets multichannel merchants manage sales.

What is StockTrim?

StockTrim is an automated demand forecasting/inventory planning app that shows you how to save money on inventory costs. For manufacturers, it uses machine learning to predict sales demand for each finished product and develops a plan for order components/ingredients. For sales channels, it continually compared predicted demand against actual sales to dynamically fine tune forecasting.

The Cin7 Advantage

Most existing forecasting tools are part of large ERP systems that are expensive to license, costly to integrate and difficult to maintain. Cin7 lets multichannel merchants manage sales, orders and stock in a single platform that’s more cost effective and easier to maintain than an ERP. And when it’s time to add demand planning, it’s easy to integrate with StockTrim. Click below to see how easy it is to connect Cin7 with StockTrim .

StockTrim Integration

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