How Cin7 Was Built to Make Modern Retail Hum

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Retail used to be simple. Generally speaking, you occupied a building, owned the products in its storeroom and on the shelves. Furthermore, you only made money at the point-of-sale and you relied on customers shopping and buying in the flesh. In short, retail comprised a single channel, and you didn’t know how well you were doing until you counted your receipts and your stock. Modern retail is a different story.

How Cin7 Makes You the Master of Modern Retail

Modern retail means selling through more than one channel. Retailers sell through eCommerce websites, physical outlets or chains of brick-and-mortar stores, showrooms, online marketplaces or any combination of these. Moreover, they will lease space in a warehouse, a 3PL or both.

Thus, because modern retailers do a lot more than run a shop with a cash register and a storeroom, they need more sophisticated tools to run their business. Cin7 was built to help retailers run their businesses with stock control, sales processing, order routing and picking, and fulfillment.

Realtime Visibility

Cin7 sits at the center of modern retail. It gives retailers a single interface to initially record, and to subsequently track all inventory in realtime. Thus, retailers always know what’s available in their store, warehouse or 3PL. Realtime visibility is the foundation of everything modern retail must do to manage inventory.

Efficient, Automated Order Processing

With realtime visibility comes realtime control to meet the demands of omnichannel customers. Cin7 not only syncs your product information across your channels. It also automates order processing and fulfillment and allows you to route orders to any branch for a true omnichannel customer experience.

Inventory-Integrated POS

Modern retail needs more than just static POS transaction processing. Cin7 makes your POS a smart, actionable part of your entire business. You’ll know how your customers behave across all your channels, your stock on hand, and the stock that can be routed or dispatched from another branch or warehouse.

Smarter Replenishment

Modern retail needs to maintain the right amount of stock, and Cin7 makes it easier to replenish as you sell. Cin7’s Smart Buyer feature automates your ordering processes based on sales activity. Consequently, a modern retailer can make their omnichannel more efficient, and thus more profitable.

Customer Centricity

Today’s retailer doesn’t just manage multiple channels. They focus on getting a product to their customer anyway the customer wants it. That’s the goal of the omnichannel and Cin7 gets you there. Cin7 gives you the power to transfer stock and sell from any branch, to sell directly from your warehouse, to automate online sales, and to keep your customers up to date on the progress of their orders.

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