Cin7 Debuts Danny Ing’s Founder Story

Every business starts with someone who knew how to bring an idea to life. But like anyone else, you can’t boil down their motives and drives to a single element. Their lives supply the ingredients that make them an entrepreneur.

So, to better understand what drove someone to create a business, it helps to know their founder story. Cin7 invites you to watch Defying the Odds, a short video telling the founder story of Danny Ing.

Defying the Odds, a Founder Story Video

Cin7 is proud to present Defying the Odds. This short founder story video tells Danny Ing’s journey from early childhood in Vietnam to launching a global software company in 2012.

Among Danny’s earliest memories are playing while his mother worked in the fields of their rural village in northeastern Vietnam in the late 1970s.

While his parents’ hard work would later become a source of inspiration, the young family’s fate back then was still uncertain. Consequences of decades of war left many ethnic-Chinese in Vietnam with difficult choices. So Danny’s parents took a risk along with millions of other “boat people”. Many others did not survive their attempt to seek refuge in other nations. Fortunately, Danny’s family defied the odds. In 1981, they gained refugee status in New Zealand. There, they settled in Te Puke, where Danny would spend his formative years.

He absorbed the Kiwi culture, worked in his parents’ restaurant and became a bit of a computer geek. His parents’ hard work and determination allowed Danny to attend University and earn a business degree. From there, he took life step by step to follow his dream, ultimately founding Cin7. “My biggest takeaway from making this movie is in the title,” Danny says. “If I look back to where I came from, a village in Vietnam then a small town in New Zealand, I never would have imagined then being where I am now.” Cin7 hopes you enjoy the video, and that it inspires you to think about your own journey.

Cin7 releases enhanced B2B online store and warehouse management modules

Cin7 is excited to announce the introduction of two new modules that enable product sellers to manage warehouses and sell to online B2B customers.

Today, Cin7 is very proud to announce the release of our all-new, all-improved B2B online store and warehouse management products, included for customers subscribed to our Business subscription plan and higher levels. Warehouse management is automatically included for qualifying customer accounts, which means customers can start using it right away. To add a B2B online store, send a request through Cin7 Connect or through the App Store in Cin7.

B2B online stores — with inventory built in!

Cin7 B2B online stores are a simple, yet mission-critical concept: they’re online stores specifically for your major retailer customers. On-account customers can now enjoy a high-speed online purchasing and checkout experience. And because the store is built into Cin7, their orders flow directly to the branch you choose for fulfillment. B2B online stores offer an amazing shopping experience for your wholesale customers and a time-saving solution to help you grow your distribution and sales to other businesses.

Here’s how it works: Once you give your store a name and URL, in just a few clicks you can set up a B2B online store to showcase particular products, with real-time stock levels, and invite specific customers to start an account for that store. You can repeat these steps to create multiple stores.

Your customers log in, select what they want from the interactive catalog, and purchase. To make it faster, they can re-order products they’ve previously purchased. It means you no longer have to go through time-consuming exchanges with wholesale customers to work out each and every order. When your customers can easily purchase what they want at their price — especially if it’s a routine order — that leaves you more time to develop new business and new customer relationships. And because the B2B online store is built into Cin7, there’s no integration or development work to connect your store with your inventory. It’s ready for you to set up and start selling.

It’s simple, and customers love it. Here’s what businesses who’ve been previewing the new B2B online store have to say:

“For us, the manual entry was the problem, and that’s what Cin7’s B2B Online Store has stopped. And it’s definitely time saved. It’s a brilliant little platform that allows business customers to go on a website, order what they want and… happy days.”

— Daniel David, KAS Australia. Read the full case study

For more information, visit Cin7 Connect

Warehouse management — with inventory built in!

Cin7 warehouse management is a comprehensive, centralized warehouse management product. As a Cin7 product, it seamlessly connects your inventory management to your warehoused products and procedures. If you manage your own warehouse and you need a comprehensive inventory management solution, this is a game-changer.

Warehouse management’s mobile-optimized interface connects inventory, sales channels, and orders to every process in the warehouse. Customers can receive purchase orders into zones and bins, move products into racking locations, pick with printed slips or scanners, and pack products (and there’s an option to print labels if you integrate with Starshipit or Shipstation.). Here’s just some of what you can do:

  • Receive purchase orders,
  • Receive orders and put products into locations,
  • Move orders between locations,
  • Pick orders and assign orders to totes,
  • Pack orders,
  • Create pick groups to organize picking activity,
  • View sales orders in the warehouse,
  • Track incoming orders, shipping deadlines, and picking activity.

A few Cin7 customers have already been test-driving warehouse management features, and the feedback has been great. Here’s what one customer had to say:

“Cin7 warehouse management has been a critical element in our warehouse optimization and expansion strategy. The barcode scanning functionality and informative dashboard have allowed us to reduce the number of errors made and effectively manage team productivity and efficiency. The friendly and intuitive interface has also made it easy to educate and train new team members.”

— Mario Pontes, Warehouse Manager, St. Agni

If you’re a customer already using Pick’n’Pack, a Cin7 feature that a lot of customers deployed in their warehouses, we’re continuing to support Pick’n’Pack so you can continue using it for stock counts.

For more information, visit Cin7 Connect.

We hope you enjoy the new features. As always, we want to hear what you think. Visit Cin7 Connect, or send us an email at

Cin7 named one of the Best Places to Work in 2021

Technology news and recruitment platform Built In announced this week that Cin7 was awarded one of the 100 Best Places to Work in Colorado, 2021.

Auckland, New Zealand and Denver, Colorado — January 15, 2021

Technology news and recruitment platform Built In announced this week that Cin7 was awarded one of the 100 Best Places to Work in Colorado, 2021. Cin7 also placed in the Best Mid-sized Places to Work and the Best Paying Companies categories.

The Best Places to Work awards recognize top employers across the US, featuring those that go above and beyond for their people with employee benefits, support, cultural programs, and initiatives.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized as one of the best places to work in Colorado,” says Cin7 CFO Nolan Smith, who is based in Denver. “Colorado is recognized all over the world as an incredible place to work and play, and it’s fast becoming a favorite location for startups and tech businesses to set up shop. For Cin7 to be recognized among the best is a great achievement, and it’s a real testament to our efforts to build a values-based culture across the company.”

Built In determines winners for Best Places to Work based on an algorithm using company data about compensation, benefits, and cultural programs. To reflect the attributes candidates are searching for on Built In today, this year’s program weighted criteria more heavily on remote opportunities and programs for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“There’s not much that’s better than getting up in the morning and genuinely looking forward to the day ahead,” says Bronny Jacobsen, Head of People and Culture at Cin7. “That’s why we’re passionate about creating a workplace environment where our team can thrive, be energized and challenged, and have fun along the way as they build great software and look after our customers. We live it and love it, so to be recognized in Built In’s annual list of best companies to work for is the icing on the cake!”

Tech professionals rely on Built In’s Best Places to Work lists to seek out employers that align with their preferences, passions, and values. Since its inception three years ago, the award has expanded in reach, growing from tens of thousands of online views to just under one million views today.

“These companies raise the bar for cultural excellence and the ability to adapt to meet changing needs of employees,” says Sheridan Orr, Built In’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The 2021 winners show a commitment not just to creating meaningful cultures but to delivering talent needs as they change in a dynamic landscape. We’re thrilled to extend our congratulations to the winners.”


Cin7 helps businesses get their products to more customers, more efficiently, through more sales channels — faster than ever before. Every month, millions of sales orders flow through the Cin7 platform, reducing cost, effort and time for product sellers — so they can quickly get products to customers and build their brands without worrying about their operations. Cin7 is built on the values of striving to be your best, trusting each other to do the right thing, innovating and thinking outside-in, and collaborating — we’re better when we work together. Cin7 is currently hiring, and you can see the positions available here.


Built In serves more than 1,800 innovative companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprise, delivering content and digital recruitment solutions that work. The platform amplifies companies’ brands as national, local or remote employers of choice, as well as leaders in DEI. Monthly, 2.5 million tech professionals rely on Built In to stay up on trends, grow in their roles and discover companies with missions they want to join. The platform publishes stories about companies’ tech, culture and people. This activates sought-after professionals to apply to customers’ open roles.


Built In’s esteemed Best Places to Work awards, now in its third year, honor companies across numerous categories: 100 Best Places to Work, 50 Best Small Places to Work, 100 Best Midsize Places to Work, 50 Companies with the Best Benefits and 50 Best Paying Companies. Two new national categories reflect what candidates are searching for, including 100 Best Large Companies to Work For and 50 Best Remote-First Places to Work.


Built In ranks companies algorithmically based on compensation information, benefits and culture programs. This year, based on data showing tech professionals’ needs, the Best Places to Work algorithm added weight to companies’ commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, and remote culture. Rank is determined by combining a company’s score in each of these categories.