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3 Steps to Perfect Fulfillment for Growing Brands

by CIN7 Team
Whether you're a $1 million brand or a Fortune 500, your goal is to get products to customers efficiently, consistently and quickly. That's perfect fulfillment.

Let’s say you run a young fashion brand with an eCommerce website. For the first few years, you rarely miss an order. Then you add a new channel and things fall apart at the seams: you double-sell products; you run out of stock; your customers start to lose faith in your brand. With customer experience on the line, you worry how to get back to perfect fulfillment.

This is no isolated problem. As brands sell more, it’s not enough to download orders from an eCommerce platform, for example, and check-off a spreadsheet as they ship the product off. These brands start to lose track of what’s already been sold and to whom. In short, they have a harder time achieving perfect fulfillment: getting the right order to the right customer as quickly as possible. Here are three steps to scale your business to fulfill orders accurately.

1. Align Your Processes

As brands grow, they need to consider if their fulfillment processes let them scale. The way you download, pick and pack orders, and adjust inventory should not create more work for you or result in unexpected stock-outs or double-selling.

2. Keep Stock Accurate

Key to perfect fulfillment is keeping track of available stock. That means holding the right amount of products to match demand and accurately adjusting available stock as you sell. Often, brands lose track of inventory because they adjust stock manually, usually in a spreadsheet. And that often leads to telling customers a product is available when it actually is not. Brands must ensure that data is up-to-date and accurate at all times.

3. Automate As Much as You Can

A lot of the problems brands face as they try to scale their operations can be solved with automation. In terms of perfect fulfillment, that means automatically routing orders for dispatch and adjusting stock to reduce available stock. Simply put, the more these processes are automated the less time you need to spend managing orders, and the fewer mistakes you’ll make. That, in turn, translates to perfect fulfillment. 

CIN7 integrates and automates sales and stock for brands that want to scale their operations as they sell more. See for yourself how CIN7 can help your brand scale and get closer to perfect order fulfillment.