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Do Consumers Really Care About The Omnichannel?

by Simon Eskow

You may be among those retailers that simply hate the term omnichannel. After all, the word itself doesn’t exactly send customers to shop on your website. They don’t know what it means. They just want to shop in whatever way they want to shop. So, as some retailers ask, can we kill off the omnichannel, already?

Sure, but you’ll still need to do whatever you can to let your customers shop the way they want to shop. For retailers that means everything from how you market online to how you design your stores to the inventory management software you use to make it all work.

Maybe Not, But You Should

Your customers couldn’t care less about “omnichannel” because, frankly, it’s not their business. They’re just people shaped by everyday technology. They look for your brand on Google, they use their mobile phones in your store, they buy online a lot, but they still adore brick-and-mortar. That’s just how shoppers flow.

Your job is to give them the same experience everywhere they encounter your brand. When they see something they like on your website, they want to know the same product is available in your store. When they buy on your website, they want the option to pick it up in-store or have it delivered to them. That’s all the omnichannel really is: it’s how you make your multi-channel business a seamless experience to your customers.

The omnichannel has been a lifesaver for many brands reinventing themselves in the “retail apocalypse.” They invest in high tech solutions to automate in-store pick-ups, for example, but they also use inventory management software to manage omnichannel fulfillment. If it’s important for you to give customers that seamless customer experience, you need to care about the omnichannel.

The Omnichannel Wins Customers

By “shop the way they want to shop” we don’t mean giving them a choice between online or a store. One big change to how customers behave is they often buy online but expect to pick up their purchase in the store. That’s the whole reason big retailers, such as Zara, have invested in systems to make in-store pickups faster and more efficient. Thus a big part of the goal of the omnichannel is to bake flexible fulfillment options into the customer experience. If you wonder if big tech investment pays off, research tells us it does. Simply put, when your customers can buy and pick up the way they want, they spend more with you.

Inventory Management Software for the Omnichannel

Obviously, not every retailer can (or must) spend millions to create a seamless multichannel experience. However, if brands rely on inefficient and un-integrated processes to route and fulfill orders, they simply won’t make it happen. This is where your choice of inventory management software becomes so critical.

Cin7 is cloud-based inventory management software that helps retailers implement their omnichannel strategy. With Cin7, multichannel retailers automatically sync their eCommerce and physical sales with their inventory, routing orders to branches for online customers that want to buy online and pick up in store. Retailers use Cin7 as their single source of product information to ensure consistent information. And with Cin7’s real-time data, your online customers will always know what products are in stock. If you’re wondering how to take your brand to the omnichannel, click below and see how Cin7 can help you.