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Retail Smarter Using Cin7 with PC-EFTPOS

by simon
Merchants across Australia and New Zealand know PC-EFTPOS. The established brand offers terminals and payment solutions designed to reduce complexity. And when retailers use Cin7 with PC-EFTPOS, they get a lot more power at the till.

Pinpoint Inventory Down to the Pinpad

Retailers combine Cin7 with PC-EFTPOS to manage card payments within the Cin7 POS module. This integration eliminates the need to input a sale in both their payment terminal and in Cin7. Consequently, tellers process sales faster and more efficiently. Moreover, they have more stock and customer data at their fingertips.

PC-EFTPOS, An Established Australian Provider

PC-EFTPOS launched in 1998 offering EFTPOS and credit verification solutions beyond the stand-alone terminal. Today, more than 180,000 terminals run on PC-EFTPOS in Australia. Retailers can use PC-EFTPOS to run a wide variety of terminals. Additionally, they can switch between terminals without any changes to their POS system. In short, PC-EFTPOS gives retailers flexibility in their hardware options. Finally, PC-EFTPOS offers additional services including online EFTPOS, installation, and terminal accessories.

How Cin7 with PC-EFTPOS Improves Retail

When Australian and New Zealand retailers use Cin7 with PC-EFTPOS they get superior control of sales and inventory. Cin7’s POS module links the teller to the retailer’s entire back-office operation leading to better customer experience. For example, if a product is not available in the store, the Cin7 user can see if it is available in another branch or warehouse. Furthermore, tellers can apply credits for existing customers, which helps to increase customer loyalty. Finally, sales at the terminal automatically adjust stock levels, giving retailers accurate overall stock levels across all their channels.