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4 Things Brands Really Need in Retail POS

by CIN7 Team
The right Point of Sale system can indeed transform your retail business. Here are 4 must-have features your that makes a POS system good.

You’re a bit spoiled for choice when it comes to retail POS systems. The question isn’t what the best hardware is but what the system behind it can accomplish. So what do you need from your POS system?

When you sell a product in a store, you’re not just making a transaction. The goal is to foster a relationship. To do that, you need your retail POS system to provide a customer experience that keeps consumers shopping with you online, in your store and for the foreseeable future.

Stock Visibility

Knowing exactly what’s available helps retailers avoid stock-outs and improve customer relationships. A retail POS system shouldn’t just show you what is in the stockroom. It should also show what’s available in other branches and in the warehouse.

Branch Routing

A good retail POS system will help you keep customers happy. For example, the product they want may be sold out at one location. If that product is available in your warehouse or another branch, you should be able to give your customers options to complete the sale. A POS system should let you route that order to another branch for later pickup. Or to your warehouse for home delivery.

Multichannel Customer Experience

Consumers expect the same experience online and in stores. They want consistent product information and pricing. A retail POS system should integrate with your product information for consistent data.

Customer Care

A good retail POS system helps you take care of your customers. That means both running your loyalty and multichannel loyatly programs and easily handling returns and credits when the product isn’t quite right. 

In summary, a good POS system rides on multichannel, multi-location stock visibility and synchronization. Find out for yourself how CIN7's built-in POS feature makes it a great stock, sales and order management platform for multichannel retailers.