Tap of money

2 ways Inventory software can combat suppliers’ cashflow issues

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Understanding customers’ working relationships will be crucial to the success of inventory software systems in future, says Cin7 founder Danny Ing. Working capital and cashflow …

Death of Accounting

Business automation software and the death of traditional accountants

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Australian cloud advisor Diana Siddall says the traditional bookkeeper and accountant won’t exist in future due to evolving SaaS solutions that make business automation a real …

Conveyor Belt

Perpetual inventory system: The importance of your inventory value calculation

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Although it’s important to know how much inventory you own, it is equally important to know how much that stock is worth. Typically, businesses will …

Cin7 Crab Bucket

Escaping the eCommerce crab bucket: Danny Ing tells Cin7’s story

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 A self-dubbed IT geek who rarely strays from a casual jeans and T-shirts look, Danny Ing’s fashion fetish is surprising.

Man by shelves

Ditching your spreadsheet solution for cloud could save your business’ bacon

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Mistakes happen; it’s human nature. For American global banking and financial services firm JPMorgan Chase & Co., a spreadsheet error resulted in the bank’s biggest-ever trading loss, …