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A Q&A with: The Design Store on how Cin7 boosted online sales

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The Design Store bosses say Cin7’s Magento integration, flexibility to be used anywhere and Kitting features have kept staff, customers and owners alike, happier


A Q&A with: ANYI LU on how Cin7 helped cut its costs

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ANYI LU’s IT director Gregg Bambo is impressed by the rate at which Cin7 is driving improvements, especially with its EDI integrations, which are essential …

Supply Chain Automation

Supply chain automation is the new black

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Xero broke the hurdle for many businesses – that’s the hurdle of switching to the cloud.

Selling excess stock

Why selling excess stock at a loss isn’t a bad idea

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If I asked you what stock’s been sitting on your retail business’ shelves the longest, would you know the answer? Inventories are rising, with companies …

Brick & mortar retail still key

Brick-and-mortar retail still key to omnichannel success

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Keeping your brand on-trend still means sticking to traditional bricks and mortar Despite the rise of internet shopping, brick-and-mortar retail stores are still as relevant as …