Enjoy more sun this Summer with Cin7 & Xero

Enjoy More Sun This Summer with Cin7 + Xero

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Learn how combining Cin7 and Xero saves time and money for your business. Cin7 is proud to be a part of the UK Xero Summer of …

Is Inventory Evil?

Is Inventory Evil? 5 Lessons to learn from Tim Cook’s Supply Chain Genius

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Apple’s quarterly earnings call on July 26th revealed the company had cash reserves of $232 billion, and even though comparisons to small countries might be a …

The Digital Age - BUY

Why Do Retailers Need to Embrace Change?

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America’s erstwhile college-age apparel superstar, Abercrombie & Fitch, founded REUHL in 2001 to target the young professional market. That was the age of dinosaurs, in …

Refrigerator running

Is Your Refrigerator Running (to the Store)?

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Countdown in July announced a partnership with Samsung to make the refrigerator door yet one more place for New Zealanders to buy things.

Supply management key to Retail growth

Supply Management Key to Retail Growth

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Big retailers in the US are centring their growth strategies on inventory supply-and-demand management, a report suggests.