Cin7 end-of-year stocktake

What is SKU Rationalization and Why is Everybody Doing it?

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Big corporations are getting better performance from their inventory with SKU rationalization. The process has become a trend across companies of all sizes. Organizations use ...

Cin7 November Features Update

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Cin7 has added new integrations to online marketplaces that allow you to manage your inventory while selling through more channels.

Inventory for the Customer Decision-Making Process

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People don’t follow a straight line in their customer decision-making process. But what makes them pick one product over another?

How Does Fulfillment By Amazon Compare With a 3PL?

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Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), the company’s foray into logistics, stirred up mixed feelings among 3PL providers in the US.

3 Great Expectations of Merged eCommerce

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Industry analysts say b2b companies will be more competitive by catering to customer expectations, particularly in a merged eCommerce experience. The b2b world has been ...