Should B2B eCommerce be Part of Your Omnichannel Strategy?

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The quarter ending July 30 was another punch in the gut for North American office supply chain Staples. The company suffered a 4% drop in ...

Diminishing Returns: 3 Reverse Supply Chain Tips

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Nobody in a supply chain looks forward to a customer returning a purchase.

3 Questions to Ask when considering a 3PL

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Amazon’s logistics tsunami struck again with the debut of its first Prime Air branded cargo jet.

Inventory ratio

What’s the Right Inventory Turnover Ratio?

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Under Armour in July announced it would open a flagship store in New York City, just a block up Fifth Avenue from its rival, Nike. …

Inventory shrinkage

Reducing the Risk of Inventory Shrinkage

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Inventory shrinkage took a heavy toll on American retailers last year, amounting to US$45.2 billion in lost revenue, a recent survey report indicates. Researchers attributed …