Are You Prepared for a Big Holiday Season?

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As we head into the final quarter of 2017, businesses should already be prepared for the big holiday shopping season. In fact, US companies probably ...

The 3 Musts of the Modern B2B Business

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Digital channels and other technology change how the modern B2B sells. In fact, many predict online marketing, online channels, and smarter tools contribute to B2Bs ...

How We Just Made it Easier to Handle Deposits

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Imagine what it was like when retailers and wholesalers did everything by the book. I mean that literally. First, they kept a ledger to track ...
Automation, Live Integrations

Automation, Live Integrations, Fixes and More

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Welcome to the September update, providing a summary of Cin7's most recent live integrations, feature upgrades, and product fixes. The Automation of eCommerceCin7 this year entered ...
Amazon Australia Launch

Which Kind of Online Marketplace Will You Add?

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Theoretically, a business can use any number of channels to reach customers. If they have the scale to meet demand, a brand can retail directly ...