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Retail Cloud Crucial to Omnichannel Management

by simon
Even a few years ago, retailers didn’t see omnichannel as pivotal to survival. However, that ability to provide seamless customer experience and fulfillment became indispensable. So not only do more retailers today make omnichannel a priority. They turn to retail cloud technology to make it happen.

Why do retailers adopt retail cloud technology to create a unified commercial experience? The fact is, they see it as the primary way to remain competitive. With technology dictating shopping behavior, retailers need to fulfill their expectations. And the more software they use to manage their business, the more difficult that becomes. Thus, 81% of US retailers plan to unify their channels in a single commercial platform by 2020. In other words, they will make it easier to adopt the omnichannel.

Unify with Cloud Retail Tech

There are two sides to the omnichannel. First, channels mean nothing to retail customers. Whether they come to your website or your store, they want a unified shopping experience, with flexible fulfillment. For example, they may want to buy online for in-store pickup. Alternatively, they will browse a showroom and arrange for home delivery. So, it’s up to you to make that happen or risk losing customers.

Secondly, there’s the business perspective. Retailers must still manage each of their channels, to offer customers omnichannel, but they must do so seamlessly. And the more software they use to manage stock and fulfillment for each channel, the more difficult that becomes. This is why retailers turn to cloud retail technology. The right cloud tech integrates all your processes and channels, in real-time, for true omnichannel management.