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Cin7 Innovations That Will Rock Your World

by simon
Cin7 held its first Customer Training Day in Auckland. The sold-out, day-long event drew customers from around the country. While the sessions gave customers a better understanding of Cin7’s features and function, they also learned about Cin7 innovations in development this year.

Founder and Chief Architect Danny Ing gave a rundown of new Cin7 innovations. Not only can customers expect new features, but we’ll also make Cin7 easier to use.

Role-Defined Dashboards

We’re developing interfaces that centralize the functions and data users need according to their specific role in an organization. For example, we’ll roll out dashboards specific to accountants, store managers, and more. Because Cin7 provides a comprehensive solution, role-defined dashboards will make it easier for employees to get only the information and features they need to do their job.

More Automation

Automation stood out among Cin7 innovations in 2017. Now, we’re turning our attention from automates sales and fulfillment processes to the supplier side. Consequently, we plan to debut in 2018 the ability automate purchase orders for replenishment and drop shipping.

Warehouse Management

We’re also working on ways to make it easier to manage stock in your warehouse. For example, we’ll be adding a way to find products by bin location. And we’re developing ways to simplify complex picking workflows, shipping calculations and more.

The Omnichannel

Cin7 was founded on the concept of the omnichannel. And we continue to develop features to give you that full omnichannel capability. For example, we’re well on the way to fully integrating customer loyalty programs.