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5 Reasons to Use Google Shopping Now

by poorvi.jhawar
Google Shopping launched in 2010, and retailers have really started to adopt this marketing tool.

For example, 14% more retailers used Google Shopping ads in 2017 than in 2015. With the customer click-through rate rising by 80%, retailers are seeing the importance of using Google Shopping ads.

Based on what we’ve been reading, retailers have a number of good reasons to invest in Google Shopping ads.

It Puts You in the Spotlight

Google Shopping shows users a photo of your product, with the title, price, store name, and more. Google Shopping ads feature at the top of organic search results in Google. Thus, the combination of detailed information and optimized search results create higher engagement. In short, Google Shopping can level the playing field for businesses of any size to compete. This is what makes it a great channel to create brand awareness and sell more to more people.

Google Shopping is More Effective Than Adwords Alone

The image-feature of the ads automatically makes it more attractive for consumers. Google Shopping ad tend to have a 26% higher conversion rate than text-only ad with a 23% lower cost-per-click . This is why in the recent past, companies have invested more in Google Shopping ads than text ads.

You Get Better Qualified Leads

The in-depth information (cost, vendor, product image and price) ensures that only interested customers click your ad. This separates the casual customers from those likelier to purchase your products.

You Amplify Your Marketing

With Shopping ads, retailers have the opportunity to show up more than once in a single search. For example, If someone is looking for a handbag, a vendor might have a shopping ad featured along with text ads. That is, if the vendor is  bidding on that term (which also allows the vendor to show up in organic search results). In other words, a single query can return three results simultaneously.

It’s Mobile-Perfect

Google Shopping ads feature on top in a carousel featuring the first 15 results, whereas only two text ads are featured. Today is a mobile-first world and there is a huge shift in people buying over their mobile phones, which makes this strategy ideal.