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Is Your Inventory Management Agile Enough?

by CIN7 Team
Brands have to find a way to keep up with consumer appetites and constantly evolving shopper behavior.

Customer appetite seems to change faster and faster. For some industries, that puts a higher demand on agile inventory management. As product life cycles get shorter, the need for faster inventory response time increases.

Managing inventory in pace with change

Conventional wisdom has it that product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter. As a result, brands adopt inventory management practices that respond quickly to change to stay competitive. Fashion brands, particularly, face a big challenge in dealing with consumer taste that changes faster than the weather. The problem is having the agility to change with taste to keep overall inventory turning over as quickly as possible. Without that, companies end up with products that go unsold, increasing inventory costs and lowering gross profits.

Ideal turnover

A broad indication that a brand is doing well can be its inventory turnover rate. In short, that is the number of times over a given period that a company sells all the products in its inventory. (Turnover can be calculated in a number of ways, including the cost of goods sold divided by average inventory value). However, high turnover can also show a weakness, specifically when a brand clears its inventory by cutting prices. The ideal, of course, is to have high turnover without sacrificing margins.

Increasing responsiveness

A significant number of large enterprises noted for their supply chain efficiency are improving their inventory turns. Overall, they’ve taken steps every year to adapt their supply chain to get products faster to market. That’s not an easy task, especially for large enterprises with highly complex supply chains. But it comes down to some fundamentals shared across all business. That includes gaining full inventory management visibility and using historic data about sales and customer behavior. Both help in planning what kind of products to stock up and what to phase out.

Get agile with Cin7

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