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Case Study: Earthwell's Liquid Action

by simon
Earthwell combines quality materials, proprietary designs, and vacuum insulation to bring to market rugged, drinkware bottles that adventurers can take with them anywhere. And Cin7 is helping the company reach more customers in more places.

Earthwell Values, Cin7 Connections

“Working with great people who enjoy and care for the outdoors is of utmost importance,” Gary Sukovaty, Co-founder of the Portland, Oregon company. “Participating in founding and building an outdoor brand and triple bottom line company is tremendously rewarding.”

Part of Gary’s job is to develop domestic and international markets. Earthwell is serving a US retail channel, selling direct to consumers via its eCommerce website, reaching overseas customers through international distributors, and developing a co-brand channel.

How Cin7 Helps

With Cin7’s modules and integrations, Earthwell merges its entire inventory and order processing into a single platform. That includes Cin7’s CRM, Shopify and more. Cin7 gives this multichannel, multi-market company the platform they need to grow their company into the foreseeable future.

Cin7 can do the same for your multichannel business. Find out more by reading the full story of how Cin7 is benefitting Earthwell.