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3 Inventory Headaches To Make You Dread Christmas

by simon
The end of November means one thing. The Christmas shopping season is well underway. But this time of joy may spell trouble for companies suffering some inventory headaches.

Why? Some companies spend their first 24 months in the b2c market (especially in eCommerce, and particularly among Amazon Sellers) focused on branding, marketing and sales. Their drive is to get the business on its feet. They defer spending time and a little money on tools that will sustain them to long-term growth.

We’ve heard stories of companies selling $1 million to $2 million a year through Amazon, with no idea if they are profitable because they don’t use accounting software, let alone inventory management, to track their bottom line and keep a tight rein on stock.

Without the right tools in place, companies aren’t just selling in the dark, they’re facing potential headaches keeping up with orders in the holiday season.

The Three Inventory Headaches of Christmas

Let’s assume you own a small company that sells online. What might be your headaches?

The out-of-stock/overstock headache. Effective holiday season planning helps you avoid running out of items too quickly and stocking up on items that don’t sell so well. Customers will take their business elsewhere if they can’t find what they’re looking. And any excess stock will have to be sold at a discount. The best way to find the right stock level is to use reports based on sales data tracked over time.

The more work, less efficiency headache. Processing invoices by hand is a pain in the wrist. Even processing invoices in a spreadsheet doesn’t help. Each one can take time, sometimes as long as 10 minutes. An inventory solution that integrates with online sales channels will reduce the amount of time needed to process an invoice to next to nothing by automating order processing.

The fulfillment headache. Data entry in the paper/spreadsheet world is not just time consuming, but error-prone and redundant. An inventory management system with built-in CRM and that integrates with your warehouse, third-party warehouse, and your shipping company, will ensure data moves from invoice to packing slip seamlessly and correctly.

If these headaches sound like something you’ve gone through before, put the world’s most integrated inventory management software on your holiday wish list.