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Cin7 and Shopify's Multi-Location Features

by CIN7 Team
Cin7 lets customers take advantage of Shopify's locations features, making multi-location order and inventory management easy.

Shopify rolled out new multi-location features for tracking inventory and fulfilling orders. So what do Cin7 customers using Shopify have to do to take advantage of these upgrades? Nothing.

Cin7, Shopify and multi-location inventory management

On August 1, Shopify rolled out features allowing for inventory management and fulfillment for multi-locations. Since CIN7 does all the upgrade work behind-the-scenes, you automatically reap the benefits if you're using Shopify V2. These benefits include the ability to track inventory and branch transfers across all your locations and selecting the best location from which to fulfill online orders. For more information, read our help page about Shopify's multi-location feature.

Important Note for Shopify V1 Customers

Unfortunately, the new multi-location feature does not apply to CIN7's Shopify V1 (legacy) module. So if you want to continue using your V1 module as is, you'll have to make some changes to your settings. Follow the instructions here. Note that you may experience some issues if you do not make the changes to your settings. Alternatively, you can migrate to CIN7's Shopify V2 module. Read our migration documentation for more information on making the switch.

Inventory management for today's brands

Today’s brands can’t always rely on a single channel to grow their business. Yet the more places and ways they sell, the more complex their business gets. That includes holding stock and fulfilling orders across multiple locations: stores, warehouses, 3PLs and more. CIN7 was built to give brands one solution to scale their business as they sell their products through multiple channels and hold their stock in multiple locations. Sign up for a demo today to see how CIN7 can work for your business.