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March Brings New Features, More Integrations

by simon
Cin7 continues to add new features and integrations to make it easier for you to do business in the omnichannel world.

We recently added reports to give you more options for viewing and analyzing data in your Cin7 account.

We added new integrations to let you control your inventory when you start sell through new online marketplaces. We've also added an integration to a service that makes shipping your products more efficient, and we've upgraded our existing integration to an eCommerce platform for building your eCommerce business.

Get Even More Insight With New Reports

Cin7 already provides dozens of reports to view and analyze your sales, stock levels, and customer activity in ways that suit your business best. We have now added more options to both the homepage dashboard and the reports library.

The report library now includes reports on:

Supplier Consignment Sales By Invoice Date


Sales By Customer and Currency (Created Date)


Purchase Orders By Product (Received Date)

You can also choose new reports to add to your Dashboard, including:

Top Customers Spending (Last One Month by Invoice Date)


Top Selling Products (Last One Month by Invoice Date)


Top Customers Spending (Last One Month by Date Created),


Top Selling Products (Last One Month by Date Created)

Stay On Top of eCommerce

Cin7 now supports Shiptheory. This platform allows companies in the UK to automate their shipping, with a flexible rules engine to control how orders are delivered, particularly suitable for eCommerce and omnichannel businesses.

Cin7 has also upgraded its integration to Neto, a comprehensive platform for building an online business. Cin7 keeps your Neto Inventory current by automatically updating stock levels and pushing order data between your systems.

Sell Through More Markeplaces

Cin7 extends control over your inventory when you become a seller or provider through different marketplaces. We’ve recently added integrations to:

Walmart. The brick-and-mortar retail giant in the US has been expanding its eCommerce efforts over the years. Today, it’s marketplace connects a growing list of sellers to 110 million unique visitors.


Newegg. Newegg provides a platform for third-party sellers to take advantage of a strong foothold in the electronics space, plus a wide variety of other product categories.


eBay.  eBay provides a global marketplace for sellers, wholesalers, and suppliers across a wide range of categories.