03 August, 2021

Cin7 releases enhanced B2B Online Stores and Warehouse Management

Two new products now included in all Cin7 customer accounts, enabling product companies to manage warehouses and sell online to B2B customers—with inventory management and order workflows built-in.

Today, Cin7 is very proud to announce the release of our all-new, all-improved B2B Online Stores and Warehouse Management products, included for customers as part of every regular Cin7 price plan. Warehouse Management is automatically included in all customer accounts, which means customers can start using it right away. B2B Online Stores can be added to an account request through Cin7 Connect or through the App Store in Cin7.

B2B Online Stores — with inventory built in!

Cin7 B2B Online Stores are a simple, yet mission-critical concept: they’re online stores specifically for your business customers. The stores give wholesalers’ on-account customers a high-speed online purchasing and checkout experience. And because the store is built into Cin7, their orders flow directly to the branch you choose for fulfillment. B2B Online Stores offer an amazing shopping experience for your customers as well as a time-saving solution to help you grow your distribution and sales to other businesses — and it’s included with every Cin7 pricing plan.

Here’s how it works: Once you give your store a name and URL, in just a few clicks you can set up a B2B Online Store to show particular products, with real-time stock levels, and invite specific customers to start an account for that store. You can repeat these steps to create multiple stores.

Your customers log in, select what they want from the interactive catalog, and purchase. To make it faster, they can re-order products they’ve previously bought. It means you no longer have to go through time-consuming back-and-forth with wholesale customers to work out each and every order. When your customers can easily purchase what they want at their price — especially if it’s a routine order — that leaves you more time to develop new business and new customer relationships, which is what really matters. And because the B2B Online Store is part of Cin7, there’s no integration or development work to connect your store with your inventory. It’s ready for you to set up and start selling.

It’s simple, and customers love it. Here’s what businesses who’ve been previewing the new B2B Online Stores have to say:

“For us, the manual entry was the problem, and that’s what Cin7’s B2B Online Store has stopped. And it’s definitely time saved. It’s a brilliant little platform that allows business customers to go on a website, order what they want and… happy days.”

— Daniel David, KAS Australia. Read the full case study

For more information, visit Cin7 Connect

Warehouse Management — with inventory built in!

Cin7 Warehouse Management is a comprehensive, centralized warehouse management product. As a Cin7 product, it seamlessly connects your inventory management with your warehouse products and procedures, and it’s available right now for new and existing Cin7 customers. If you manage your own warehouse and you need a comprehensive inventory management solution, this is a game-changer.

Warehouse Management’s mobile-optimized interface connects inventory, channels, and orders in Cin7 with every process in the warehouse. Customers can receive purchase orders into zones and bins, move products into racking locations, pick with printed slips or scanners, and pack products (and there’s an option to print labels if you integrate with Starshipit or Shipstation.). Here’s just some of what you can do:

  • Receive purchase orders
  • Receive orders and put products into locations
  • Move orders between locations
  • Pick orders and assign orders to totes
  • Pack orders
  • Create Pick Groups to organize picking activity
  • View sales orders in the warehouse
  • Track incoming orders, shipping deadlines, and picking activity

The best part? You don’t need to do anything to activate Warehouse Management in Cin7 — it’s all ready to go. From 29 March 2019, Warehouse Management is included in all accounts, with a certain number of warehouse manager licenses included (please note – the number of users depends on your Cin7 plan).

A few Cin7 customers have already been test-driving Warehouse Management features, and the feedback has been great. Here’s what one customer had to say:

“Cin7 Warehouse Management has been a critical element in our warehouse optimization and expansion strategy. The barcode scanning functionality and informative dashboard have allowed us to reduce the number of errors made and effectively manage team productivity and efficiency. The friendly and intuitive interface has also made it easy to educate and train new team members.”

— Mario Pontes, Warehouse Manager, St. Agni

If you’re a customer already using Pick’n’Pack, a Cin7 feature that a lot of customers deployed in their warehouses, we’re continuing to support Pick’n’Pack so you can continue using it for stock counts.

For more information, visit Cin7 Connect.

We hope you enjoy the new features. As always, we want to hear what you think. Visit Cin7 Connect, or send us an email at feedback@cin7.com.





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