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Top Apps Every Sales Rep Should Have

by Pam F. Contreras
When you’re a small business owner, there’s always so much going on. Inventory management is always a big thing for product-focused businesses, so having the right sales apps is essential.

You need as much help as you can get to stay on top of things and grow your business while managing omnichannel and multichannel sales, and apps can help you not only increase sales but also efficiency.

Why do sales reps need apps?

Building and maintaining a business the traditional way is nearly impossible today, because people expect you to always be available and in the loop. However, a small business owner will most likely be doing a lot of other work too, like expanding the business and traveling to meet stakeholders, customers and suppliers. That means you’re often away from the brick-and-mortar business and daily operations.

Lucille Henley, a marketing blogger for Writinity, says, “While it’s incredibly important to have a good team around you to make sales and manage the businesses, getting a tool like an app can improve your efficiency and sales even more. It also helps you get your business out there and increase visibility.”

Top apps for sales reps

  1. Slack is a great choice for team communication. It will help your business become more productive by allowing your team to communicate reliably. Your remote teams can connect easily, and all communications are centralized within the messaging app. You can discuss projects, share important files and be transparent about what’s going on. Slack can even be integrated with your CRM to manage sales and enables 3PL and EDI integrations as well.
  2. Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing automation tool, and for good reason. You can send emails in seconds with pre-built templates and evaluate how effective your marketing campaigns are. It integrates with other applications so you can sync your customer information and streamline workflows. It’s also a cost-effective option if you’re on a tight budget, and it’s more effective than many other, more expensive options.
  3. HelloSign is an e-signature app that lets you sign paperwork online and keeps your contracts and other critical documents secure, with built-in features that prevent tampering before and after signing. It’s also compliant with the ESIGN Act and authenticates document signers so you know exactly who has signed. An added bonus of HelloSign is that it integrates with Slack and Evernote.

Top apps for wholesalers

  1. QuickBooks Online: This application is the cloud-based online version of QuickBooks accounting. QuickBooks Online takes care of all the financial details of your small business. Wholesalers can make data entries and manage many accounts, even on the go. Prices are also quite low, starting at just $5 a month, depending on company size and desired features. Cin7 inventory management software integrates with QuickBooks Online, particularly helpful for businesses doing a large volume of B2B, or even B2C.
  2. Pipedrive: This customer relationship management (CRM) tool allows you to visualize your whole sales pipeline in an easy and simple way. Using the dashboard, you can view your prospects, leads and any stage of the sales cycle. For every lead, you can assign certain tasks so that you never lose out on potential sales. The app also allows you to track your sales reps for better management. Pricing is based on how many users are on the app but start at $10 a month.

If you’re a small business owner, it’s important to know what your competitors are doing, how to grow your business and the newest technologies available. By using any of these top sales apps, you could be doing yourself and your small business a big favor. They can help improve your bottom line, boost sales, maximize your productivity and much more. Some of these apps have free trials so you can see what works best for you. See the selection of apps for sales reps that integrate with Cin7.

About the Author
Pam F. Contreras is a marketing expert with Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays. She helps businesses and teams expand their reach by developing successful marketing strategies. She enjoys discovering new technologies and how they can be used to help businesses thrive.