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Get your badge of honor today: Announcing the release of Cin7’s 2021 Accounting & Finance curriculum!

by Michelle Pereira
Announcing the release of Cin7’s 2021 Accounting & Finance curriculum!

At Cin7, we love to improve our customers’ experience. An accountant by training and experience, I joined Cin7 in October 2020 as the product manager for Cin7’s accounting features — I switched from being an accountant for a product seller to working in Cin7 to help deliver enhancements for accountants, bookkeepers, and finance team members. My background, friends working in accounting/bookkeeping, and passion for accurate numbers gives me a good understanding of what our accounting and finance customers use most, and what we can improve within Cin7. 

Based on our goal of improving customer satisfaction, we had a hard choice to make: either give every customer free puppies, or provide you with role-specific guides to help make Cin7 a more effective and easy-to-use tool for your business. Because we know what people love more, we are proud to announce our Accounting & Finance curriculum on the Cin7 Academy, free for all.

We have created role-based curriculums for the various types of people that use Cin7. I’ve led the content for two curriculums for accounting and finance, and I’ve enlisted the help of people like you to identify the highest value content to include. Together, we landed on two separate curriculums.

  • Accounting and finance -- QuickBooks Online
  • Accounting and finance -- Xero

The Accounting & Finance curriculums are designed to familiarize users with how Cin7 integrates with Xero or QuickBooks Online, based on your accounting method of choice. 

We’ve also included options for people that want to learn even more and utilize Cin7 to save time and be more efficient when performing common accounting tasks. Each curriculum has several short courses that show you how your accounting software interacts with Cin7, and provide step-by-step guidance on how common tasks can be simplified or even automated — saving you many hours of work. There’s also an overview of popular reports. My personal favorite is the course on batching ecommerce orders using one of our automation bots - it’s something I would have loved in my previous job! You’ll even get a shiny new (virtual) achievement badge for completing the course, and we’re looking to surprise some learners with extra treats!

Some more good news: you can get going right now! Our Accounting & Finance curriculums are in the Cin7 Academy, free for all Cin7 customers. Just click the links below to get started. 

In case you've got questions, I prepared some FAQs for you. If you’d like to ask anything further, or if you have suggestions for how we could improve, please feel free to email We’d love to hear from you. 



Will it cost me or my business money to complete these courses?

No! These are included as part of our Cin7 subscription so there’s no incremental cost, regardless of how many people in your business want to learn. Whether it's one person or one hundred learning, in the Cin7 Academy there are no additional charges to you or your business.

How can I get started? 

It’s really easy to get started.

What are the learning achievement badges?

When you complete all the required courses in the curriculum, you get a badge to showcase your achievement. It’s proof that you’ve learned something important. We encourage you to list this on your bio so it can help you advance your career.

Do I have to complete every course to earn a badge?

Each curriculum is split into different chapters, covering different aspects of Cin7 powerful automations. The required courses to be completed may vary depending on the chapter.

Some contain Flexi Courses which are recommended, but completely optional!

How long will the curriculum take to complete? 

Done properly, it will take approximately 95 minutes to complete the Xero curriculum, and 80 minutes for the QBO curriculum. It’s very neatly divided up into small, engaging learning experiences.

Do some courses take longer to complete than others?

Yes. Different courses will have different requirements, and may be longer or shorter depending. 

Will there be more learning achievement badges? When?

Yes, there will be more badges soon, covering other kinds of users - such as warehouse managers, operations managers, and more. We may add or change the curriculum depending on customer feedback and requests. At this stage, we aim to release a new curriculum each month. Please let us know what you think by emailing

How does taking the course or earning the badge help me or my business? 

Cin7 is powerful software, with a lot of unique and differentiated automations. Our experience is that the more customers know about it, the more value they get from it. We’ve designed these courses so users new to Cin7 can quickly acquire the knowledge they need in their particular area of work, and for those who are already experienced with Cin7 to learn more and expand their understanding.

Can we retake the curriculum? 

You can rewatch the videos as often as you’d like!

Why have courses based around user roles? 

These curriculums are designed to help different kinds of Cin7 users in jobs common to the kind of work they do. For example, the Accounting and Finance curriculum is for Cin7 users who work with financial functions, or as CFOs, accountants, financial controllers, and so on. 

I’ve heard some refer to this as the Austin role-based curriculum and badge. Who is Austin? 

At Cin7, we're increasingly focused on customers and users of our software. Rather than just refer to the people that use our Cin7 software as users and potentially overlook the different jobs the people who use Cin7 do, we have created User profiles for the different Jobs the people using Cin7 do. Examples are people working in warehouses, keeping the accounting records, working in marketing, etc. We’ve developed User Profiles and given names to each User Profile. Internally, we've given the name Austin to our accountant/bookkeeper/finance/CFO user profile. We find that having a name for the person who is doing a particular job within product selling businesses reminds us of the real people we are creating software to help - you. If you’re interested in our approach and the other User Profiles and names, please ask. We’d love to share with you and learn from your experience.

I have ideas for curriculum content. How can I let you know? 

We’d love to hear from you. Please email with any and all feedback. We read every email, and we really appreciate you taking the time to reach out.